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The Greedy Fisherman

October 28, 2017



The Greedy Fisherman


​Once upon a time there lived a man called David in a village near Lake Volta. David is dark in complexion with small eyes, nose and mouth. He is a short man with small legs.

David's occupation is fishing. David is good and a hard worker so he wants to be the richest man in the village. He has several wives and many children so he wants more money to feed everyone and he can't take a day off and rest.

In the village there are so many people living in clay houses. There are also many trees like mango trees, pears and others. When it rains the village becomes a marsh. There is no light but many shadows.


One day David went out fishing and he didn't catch many fish. He tried one more time and his net was heavy so he pulled his net into his boat. In the net, he found a small beautiful stone. David said that he was going to give it to his eldest son.


David said he wanted to be the richest man in the village and went home. The next day, he went out fishing and caught many fish which he gave to his first wife.


He heard a strange voice calling him. The voice said, "Hello David, you are a hard worker so I am going to give you three wishes. Say what you want and it will come true."


The day after, he went fishing for his second wish. He also caught more fish than the first day so he gave it to his wife to sell and take the rest home to share with his other wives.

Finally, he went fishing for his last wish. He threw his net in the lake and when he pulled it to his boat,

It was full of fish!


But David was greedy. He tried again to catch more fish in his boat. His boat was heavy and it began to sink. David was afraid so he picked up the stone and rubbed it but the magic stone did not answer him and he and his boat sank.


The End


About the Author:


Emmanuel Cudjoe, a student at the Bantuma Junior High School at Elmina, Ghana wrote this story in 2011 









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October 31, 2017

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