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Akoma – Love And Patience

I am a girl who is loved by my mother and I also love her dearly. She comes first before my education. This story is about my mum and me. This story is about patience and love. On the eleventh of June 2014, we prepared our favorite dish which was fufu and light soup for my family.

The food we prepared was plenty for my family so we gave our neighbor some of the food. But later, a friend of my sibling came to eat at the house and my mum told him to barber my hair for me after eating. He finished eating, and called me to come out to be barbered. I took a cloth from my room which belongs to my younger brother.

My mum warned me to return the cloth after barbering my hair. I told her that I will return it right after barbering my hair. After I finished barbering, I left the cloth outside thinking that it was stuck with hair. That night, my mum told me again that I should bring the cloth inside but I forgot.

That night, my younger brother slept without cloth because that is his sleeping cloth. My mum came to the room in the morning and saw my brother shivering. He was ill. My mum reported the issue to my aunt who told my mum to cane me because what I did was despicable. I was standing in the veranda, angry when my mum came in.

She took a cane to cane me but she stopped and looked straight into my eyes and her eyes filled with tears. She placed the cane down and hugged me. I also cried for I knew what I did was not right. My mum had patience for she loved me even though what I did was not right. She was patient with me.

The lesson I learned from this experience was to be patient with everything for patience moves mountains.

About the Author

Angela Appiah is a 14 year old girl attending Christ Cares School. She wants to be a gynecologist in the future because she wants to help women. During her free time she studies science books.