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Hatred for Nothing

Once upon a time, there lived a man called Mr. Annan. He had a wife and three children; Mr. Annan was a wealthy man. He had a big company in the Greater Accra Region in Ghana. He was kind and generous and liked to give what he had to the poor. He was a God fearing man and so was his family.

There was also a man called Mr. Tima. He hated Mr. Annan for no good reason. Mr. Tima was poor and wanted to start a business. But because he was not a kind man nobody wanted to help him establish his business. He had great envy for Mr. Annan and decided that he needed to get some of his money. Mr. Tima then went to visit a gang of robbers to kidnap Mr. Annan’s wife.

The robber’s did exactly what Mr. Tima asked them too. They called Mr. Annan and informed him that his wife was kidnapped and that he should pay 500,000 Ghana Cedis to free her.

While Mr. Annan was a wealthy man, this was a lot of money. It was difficult for him to afford this kind of price. He was told that if he did not provide the money his wife would bekilled. He was then told where to drop the money. Mr. Annan agreed. Mr. Tima was very happy and Mr. Annan worked very hard to collect the money.

​Mr. Annan went to the police. Mr. Annan and his children were worried sick. On the day he was sending the money the police went with Mr. Annan.

After the money was delivered the policemen waited outside for about thirty minutes. When the robbers arrived, they were arrested. They did not want to say where Mrs. Annan was hidden or who had sent them. But after heavy interrogation they eventually told the truth.

Mr. Tima was arrested and Mr. Annan’s wife was found. They people in the community wanted Mr. Tima jailed, but because of Mr. Annan’s kindness he did not press charges. Mr. Annan forgave Mr. Tima and gave him money to start his own business. From that day onwards, Mr. Tima changed into a good person and was now friends with Mr. Annan.

The End.

About this story:

The author Nii Ayitey Addo is a student in Cape Coast, Ghana and wrote this story in 2013.