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Mmere Dane - Time Changes

Some years ago, I was a very young girl who didn’t know anything about the world. When I grew up, I saw the way my parents were struggling in life to take care of me. I didn’t understand until I went to my grandmother to discuss some issues with her. That was the day I understood why my parents are struggling in life.

The problem was that my mother was under a curse before she was born and because of that, she was going to struggle in life until she dies. If she dies now, the curse will affect her first born and that is me. I didn’t understand but later realized that God is in control and he knows the reason why such things will happen. The worst part was that I wasn’t attending school because I need to be around my mother to help her. My parents became so worried that I am not in school. They decided to give me to someone to take care of me since things were hard in the family. I got the information early on and decided to move away from the town to a different place. I was only 7 years old and didn’t know where to go but I didn’t like staying with a different family. I want stay with my parents because I love them.

By the Grace of God, I met a woman who had a discussion with me about my situation. The woman took me to her home and treated me like her daughter. I stayed with the woman for 3 years and she showed me so much love and care. The woman saw that I was a good girl and she sent me to school during my stay with her. I attended Christ Cares Preparatory School. I was 10 years old when I was in class one. Everyone in the school was laughing at me. The teachers, students and my classmates were laughing at me because I was too old to be in class one. I was very determined so I was never bothered about their attitude towards me but rather I kept going to school and learning hard. I didn’t also give up because I knew what education can do to my life. Education has helped so many people in my town so I loved to go to school always. I took my studies serious and I was promoted to basic five. I performed very well and got a scholarship. Some white women were sponsoring me and they also saw that I was a good girl.

As days passed by, I saw myself driving my own car, I went back to the village and changed my parent’s life and the situation they find themselves in which means that time changes.

The moral lesson I learnt from the story is that when you are born into a poor family, it doesn’t mean that you will be a poor person when you grow up. If you are determined about what you want to do in future and you work hard, you will be a rich person when you grow up. It also tells me that I shouldn’t give up! I should keep fighting.

About the Author

Deborah Bartels is 14 years of age. She schools at Christ Cares Preparatory School. She is in form one. Science, mathematics, English and Social Studies are her favorite subjects. She hopes to become a nurse in the future.