Book Club Stories


The Reward of Goodness

Once upon a time there lived a handsome Ant that went to the stream to drink water.

While he was drinking, he stumbled and fell into the stream. At that time there was a White Bird in a tree nearby. The White Bird nearby then started to shout for help.

“Help, help!” the White Bird cried.

The White Bird picked a large leaf from a plant and threw it into the river. He told the handsome Ant to swim to the large leaf.

“Swim, swim!” the White Bird cried.

The ant did as he was told, and indeed a swift wind blew the leaf to safety. The handsome Ant was so thankful to the White Bird and promised to repay him back the goodness one day.

Some years later, a Hunter was passing under a tree on which the White Bird was busily building its nest for its young ones. As soon as the Hunter saw the White Bird building the nest, he pointed his gun on him in order to kill him.

Just as the Hunter was about to release his bullet, the Ant that White Bird saved many years ago, quickly ran to the Hunter and bit him on the ankle.

“Fly, fly!” cried the handsome Ant.

The White Bird then quickly flew away. As the hunter was about to aim once more to kill the bird he saw that the bird had gone.

The Ant and the Bird thanked each other and embraced themselves.

About this story:

Elizabeth Kyei working with the Book Club International program in Ghana wrote this story in 2011. Elizabeth is a student at the Methodist J.H.S.A. School in Elmina and wrote this story when she was 14 years old.