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Boa Me Na Mmoa Wo! – Help Me And Let Me Help You

Once upon a time, there lived a girl called Abigail. She was a very good girl. She stayed with her parents called Sister Ellen and Brother Ebo. Abigail was a young girl. One day her, her mother called he to go and fetch her some water from the river. When she was going, she saw a old man who asked her to fetch her some water as well. So she took the man’s bucket and went to fetch the water. As I was going to fetch the water, I got lost in the deep forest. I was crying for help but no one was around to help me.

It was late so my parents also decided to go look for me. They went to the forest I was lost in. They started calling my name. When I heard my name, I as well heard another deep voice calling me name. I became very shocked and decided to move from where I was. I started moving but I didn’t know where I was going. All of a sudden, I saw an old man chasing me up and down. I went to sit at a place that I didn’t know because I as so tired and couldn’t walk again. I felt asleep at where I was sitting. I stayed in the village for some days because I move away from the parents and they didn’t know where I was so they went home again without me which made me very sad.

As I kept walking through the forest, I saw a farmer who was going to farm. He asked me where I was going and I told him my problem. The man said he will help me so he took me to his house and treated me very nicely. I told her where I stay and we went to where I stay. My family found me we became happy ever after.

The moral lesson I learnt from the story is if you are in a situation and you are ready to find a solution yourself, when someone comes in to help, it becomes easy for the two of you.

About the Author

Abigail Tandoh is a girl who attends school at Christ Cares Preparatory School. She is in class 6. She likes cooking during her free time and she dreams of becoming a nurse when she grows up.