Fofo: Jealousy and Envy

There was once a little girl called Maame Esi. She was my friend and Faustina Dogbe is my name. One day we were in vacation so I was selling rice and stew. The girl was also selling water.

One day I told the girl that she should go and escort me in the market. When we were on the way, I told her that we should go for a walk for a while. We saw our boyfriend called “Caya” and we went to him.

Maame Esi sat down and I did not get a chair so I did not sit. I saw that the boy was having a beautiful watch on his hand. I told him to give it to me and Maame Esi told the boy that he should not give it to me.

Caya wanted to give me the watch. Maame Esi beat the boy and said that if the boy gives me the watch she won't talk to him again.

She pushed me and the boy gave the watch to me. She got angry and started to go. I called and called but she did not mind me. The boy told me that she is jealous.

LESSON: We should not be jealous about our friends because jealousy can break our friendships

About the Author

Faustina Dogbe is a 17-year-old girl attending Bantuma School in Ghana. She wants to be a police officer in the future. She likes writing stories. She wrote this story because she wants us all to love one another.