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The History of the Fantes

The Fantes are the people found in the central region. They speak Fanti. Fantes first settled at Bono Donomanso Techiman and from there to Akan Man Mu and later to Mankessim. Three great traditional priests who were their warlords led them. They were Obunumankoma Odapagyan and Ososn Who were brothers and belonged to the Asona clan during their immigration. Obunumandoma and Adapagyan died but they kept their bodies until they reached Mankessim. Later when the Oson also died, he was buried at the same place and called the place Nananom Pow. The establishment of the Fante confederacy was the proclamation of the several small independent kingdoms that made up the Fante tribes.

Ashanti was brought to the people of the Brong and Ahafo States until it was made independent of Kumasi clan chiefs. The British administration worked out a strategy that served the interference of the Kumasi clan chiefs with the internal affairs of the Brong and Ahafo States. When the Ashanti confederacy was restored by the British administration, however, most of the Brong and Ahafo States saw that their independence from Ashanti was being threatened because by restoring the Ashanti confederacy they were to revert to their former overlords in Kumasi.

Though the Brong States joined the Ashanit confederacy most were not happy with the reunion because they felt their long historical association with Ashanti had brought them nothing. So Ameyaw the paramount chief of Techiman led Techiman to secede from the Ashanti confederacy.

The Brong Ahafo Region Act was enacted after receiving the Governor General’s assent. Sunyani was made the capital of the region.

They moved from Mankessim to other places like Ekumfi, Gomoa, Ajumako, Amuam, Abpr.etc. Fantes traded with Europeans and through that many fantes became rich. The fantes fought several wars with the Asanties because they wanted to become middlemen to the Asantes while the Asantes also wanted to trade directly with the Europeans.

About this story:

Working with the Book Club International program Hannah Bosomtwi, a student in Elmina, Ghana and member of the Adehye Girls Club wrote this story in 2013.