The Wicked Step Queen Who Changed to be a Good Person

Once upon a time, there lived a king called Mufaso, his wife called Sarabi and their beautiful daughter called Lucy. They lived in a village called “Akuapim Awuknyna” in a big palace.

Once day, Sarabi got ill and died. Her daughter was always sad whenever her father saw her so the king decided to marry another wife who will make her daughter happy.

A year later, the king married another wife called Joyce. Joyce disliked Lucy so much because her father loved her so much. Joyce thought her husband loved her daughter more than he loved her.

So Joyce decided to kill Lucy so she set for one of her bodyguards called John. She told him her plans and John decided to help her. One day John was set to give something to the princess in her room. He went in and the princess was asleep. He kidnapped her and took her far away from the palace. When she woke up she found that she is tied by rope and covered her face with a cloth.

In the morning John went to a market to sell the princess. In the market a handsome young man called Eric bought the princess and took her home. The princess told him her story and Eric decided to bring her home. The king got sick when he found out that his daughter was kidnapped. Joyce was happy because she thought John had killed her and dumped her body somewhere.

One day the king was in the palace thinking about what had happened to his daughter. The bodyguard came in and told him that someone was looking for him. He went out and saw his daughter with someone. The king was very happy.

Lucy then told her father what happened.

When they were talking John was coming in and saw what the bodyguards were saying were true. When John came in, Eric remembered his face and he told the king. The king caught him and John told the king who told him what to do. Joyce begged and the king forgave her. Lucy and Eric got married and everyone was happy after.

About this story:

Working with the Book Club International program Jennifer Eshun, a student in Elmina, Ghana and member of the Adehye Girls Club wrote this story in 2013.