Book Club Stories


A Mouse and a Cat

Once upon a time there was a Mouse and a Cat. They were very good friends. They lived together in a small village called Kojokrom in the same house and they did everything together.

One day they went to the farm to do some work. On their way to the farm they saw a giant Grass Cutter. Grass Cutters have the best meat for eating. Together they caught the Grass Cutter and together they smoked it over a fire.

When they finished cooking the Grass Cutter they continued walking to the farm.

Mouse was carrying the meat and the smoky smell made him very hungry. He began to think to himself, how could I eat this meat!

Mouse said to Cat,” Oh no! I forgot that we have some visitors that will be arriving soon!”

Cat said to Mouse that he should wait for him, “We must go to the farm, there is work to be done”

Mouse said, “I cannot! If I do not go right away, I will miss the visitors”.

He walked back to the house with the Grass Cutter meat.

Once Mouse returned home he sat and made a stew. Mouse ate all of the delicious Grass Cutter meat.

Mouse left all of the bones scattered on the floor and went into a deep sleep.

Later, when Cat came back from the farm and he saw the bones on the floor he became worried.

Cat called out to Mouse.




Mouse woke up and ran away.

This is why everyday when Cat sees Mouse he will run after him.

About this story:

Elizabeth Quayson working with the Book Club International program in Ghana wrote this story in 2011. Elizabeth is a student at the Methodist J.H.S.A. School in Elmina and wrote this story when she was 18 years old.